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  1. AG-120 (Ivosidenib), IDH1 Inhibitor

    Catalog No. M60318
    A potent, selective and reversible inhibitor of IDH1 in clinical trials.
  2. AG-221 (Enasidenib), IHD2 Inhibitor

    Catalog No. M60296
    A potent and selective inhibitor of IDH2 R140Q mutant.
  3. AGI-5198 (IDH-C35), Mutant IDH1 Inhibitor

    Catalog No. M60068
    The first highly potent and selective mutant IDH1 inhibitor that was shown to have anti-tumor efficacy in vivo.
  4. AGI-6780, Mutant IDH2 Inhibitor

    Catalog No. M60105
    The first highly potent and selective small molecule mutant IDH2 inhibitor.
  5. AK-7, SIRT2 Inhibitor

    Catalog No. M60107
    A cell- and brain-permeable, selective sirtuin SIRT2 inhibitor, displays no effect on SIRT1 or SIRT3.
  6. AMI-1, Histone Methyltransferase Inhibitor

    Catalog No. M60272
    A potent and specific small molecule inhibitor of histone methyltransferase targeting yeast Hmt1p and human PRMT1.
  7. APY29, IRE1a Modulator

    Catalog No. M60168
    A highly potent and selective small molecule modulator of IRE1α.
  8. AR7, RARα antagonist

    Catalog No. M60116
    A highly potent and selective enhancer of the chaperone-mediated autophagy (CMA) through antagonizing RARα.
  9. AS2034178, GPR40 Agonist

    Catalog No. M60221
    A potent, selective and orally bioavailable GPR40 (FFA1) agonist.
  10. AS8351, KDM5B Inhibitor

    Catalog No. M60330
    A potent iron chelator that has been found to inhibit of histone demethylase KDM5B (JARID1B).

Items 21 to 30 of 401 total