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  1. DAPT, γ-secretase Inhibitor

    Catalog No. M60023
    A γ-secretase inhibitor and widely used as a Notch pathway inhibitor.
  2. SB431542, TGF-beta Inhibitor

    Catalog No. M60015
    A potent and selective TGF-β pathway inhibitor (selective for ALK4, ALK5 and ALK7).
  3. TH-302, Hypoxia-activated Pro-drug

    Catalog No. M60089
    A highly potent and selective hypoxia-activated pro-drug targeting hypoxic regions of solid tumors.
  4. LY2157299, TGFβ Inhibitor

    Catalog No. M60064
    A novel potent and selective TGFβ receptor type I and type II (TβRI/II) inhibitor with IC50 of 86 nM and 2 nM respectively.
  5. GDC-0068, Akt Inhibitor

    Catalog No. M60066
    A novel potent and selective ATP competitive Akt inhibitor in clinical trials.
  6. LSD1-C76, LSD1 Inhibitor

    Catalog No. M66045
    The most potent and selective Lysine Specific Demethylase-1 (LSD1) inhibitor so far.
  7. THZ1, Covalent CDK7 Inhibitor

    Catalog No. M60214
    A novel potent, selective and cell permeable irreversible CDK7 inhibitor.
  8. CX-5461, RNA Polymerase I inhibitor

    Catalog No. M66052
    A potent and selective RNA Polymerase I inhibitor, for anti-tumor use.
  9. PF-04979064, PI3K/mTOR Dual Inhibitor

    Catalog No. M60114
    PF-04979064 is a highly potent and orally bioavailable PI3K/mTOR dual inhibitor developed through structure-based drug design.
  10. XL888---HSP90 Inhibitor

    Catalog No. M60164
    A highly potent, ATP-competitive and orally bioavailable Hsp90 inhibitor.
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Items 1 to 10 of 229 total